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Buzzed NFL Power Rankings

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Here we go, the inaugural (all be it a little late into the season) Buzzed Power Rankings.  The key factor for our rankings is who would you take to win between two teams? For example, right now I would pick the Seahawks to beat the Giants, that puts them higher in a ranking like this.  We got the top ten here, leave a comment, let us know how much smarter you think you are than us…

Buzzed Power Rankings

1.  Patriots, dominating lately and look better each week doing it

2.  Texans, been smoked twice but still beat Denver, Baltimore and Chicago

3.  Broncos, Manning is playing at an MVP level and the D is strong

4.  49ers, give Kap a few games and could be the most complete team going into the playoffs

5.  Falcons, slipping a bit but well coached and dangerous offensively

6.  Packers, slow start has them under the radar, nobody wants to play this team when healthy

7.  Seahawks, 4th in rushing, 2nd in points allowed, 3rd in yards allowed, nuff said

8.  Giants, how long can they continue to rely on “flipping the switch?”

9.  Ravens, new O coordinator will get the ball in Rice’s hands more, Lewis back soon, watch out

10.  Steelers, not a team I trust but the D is there and Ben will be Ben



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