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Originally posted on Person of the Year:
In 1782 an expatriate French aristocrat named J. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur who lived in New York’s Hudson Valley published a book in London called Letters from an American Farmer. The third letter was titled “What Is an American?” That question reverberated in the late 18th century as…

Originally posted on This Just In:
Much of a huge cache of maple syrup snatched from a Quebec storage facility has been recovered, police say. Three people have been arrested and five others are being sought in connection with the theft from a warehouse in Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, Quebec Provincial Police said in a statement Tuesday. The…

Buzzed NFL Power Rankings

Buzzed NFL Power Rankings

Week 2 (well, actually week 16) of the Buzzed Power Rankings.  The Texans and Broncos win, the Falcons dominate and the Pats-Niners was awesome, so what did we learn?  Not much actually, except we were all reassured that after the top 6 or 7 teams there is a significant drop off.  If a “hot” wildcard team makes […]

Nuclear Warfare, that’s Rediculous

Airport travel, gun control, NFL playoff scenarios, dinner with strangers and solar flares vs nuclear war highlight OUR FIRST PODCAST!  Check it out! Nuclear Warfare, that’s Rediculous

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
Kim Jong Un is having a good year. After taking over the leadership of North Korea from his late father Kim Jong Il at the end of 2011, he solidified his control over the country, appeared on TIME’s cover and was even named Sexiest Man Alive. (O.K., that honor was actually…

Buzzed NFL Power Rankings

Here we go, the inaugural (all be it a little late into the season) Buzzed Power Rankings.  The key factor for our rankings is who would you take to win between two teams? For example, right now I would pick the Seahawks to beat the Giants, that puts them higher in a ranking like this.  […]

The Creative Process

So we have been going through this tedious process of getting this podcast and website up and it has been a journey to say the least.  If any of you have had a rush of inspiration and desire to get a serious project off the ground with a group or partner you know what I mean.  […]


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Hi, we're Sam Rumpza and Kevin Hyland, we're both freshman at Indiana University. Both of us dreamt of being pro athletes...but it didn't quite work out. So instead we'll be delivering our take on everything in the sports world. Stay tuned.

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