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The Creative Process


So we have been going through this tedious process of getting this podcast and website up and it has been a journey to say the least.  If any of you have had a rush of inspiration and desire to get a serious project off the ground with a group or partner you know what I mean.  It has not been easy, we listen to podcasts but that doesnt mean you know how to produce them, you look at websites but can you just create one out of thin air? we all have something to say (hopefully) or some mark we want to leave on this earth (if not just footprints) but how to go about it? is it your life or a part of it? is it going to provide financial gain if you need it (like we all do) ?  eventually our lives get to a point when we have to change things up, add some dynamic, a new hobby and probably put some work into it to get it where we want it to be, whether its a new skill, project or action.  As I have gone through the Buzzed Podcast initial creative process I have been reminded its not about the end game, the content or the pride but the journey, the friend I have partnered with and the inspiration that is important…  TSN


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