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Originally posted on NewsFeed:
There are dozens of factors that can affect the outcome of the Super Bowl: let’s talk Baltimore QB Joe Flacco’s amazing completion percentage, or the 49ers’ immovable defensive line, or the fact that Ravens coach John Harbaugh is one year and three months older than his brother, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh.…

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
Racism is sadly alive and well in the world, but in a LEGO Star Wars toy set? Have a look at the picture above: That’s LEGO’s rendition of “Jabba’s Palace,” as in Jabba the Hutt, the giant alien slug-creature that hassled Han Solo and his pals over a snarling sarlacc pit in…

Originally posted on ProBasketballTalk:
The Lakers are not making the playoffs. Some in Los Angeles probably think there is still a shot, but most of them also think their screenplay is just about to get picked up by a studio with Hugh Jackman attached to it. That and the Lakers in the postseason have about…

Originally posted on This Just In:
The world’s most valuable publicly traded company took a hit on the stock market Thursday. Shares of Apple plunged more than 12% Thursday, to $450.50, as investors grew skeptical about the iPhone maker’s growth prospects, CNNMoney reports. Apple’s stock has been on a steady decline for months, with shares…

Originally posted on U.S.:
While Pentagon regulations have long barred women from close-in combat, like infantry and armor units, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is announcing the beginning of the end of those rules on Thursday. Here are some photographs of Marines assigned to a female engagement team – created to interact with Afghan women…

Did you just say buttload?

Did you just say buttload?

PODCAST EPISODE 3!  Andy gloats over the 49ers, we discuss the US military presence around China and other world stuff, preview the NFC and AFC Championship games, Andy goes to the dentist and the great Family Guy debate, Peter VS Stewie. Click here to download →  Did you just say buttload?


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