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Buzzed NBA Power Rankings

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Here we are at the NBA All Star break and finally an accurate set of power rankings.  We can’t help it, we just do it right (except predict the NFL playoffs).  Even with the NFL season over this is the best time of year for sports, the NBA is rolling into the playoffs, same with the NHL, March madness is around the corner, golf and Nascar getting started, not to mention MLB spring training and the NFL free agency and draft conversation is is high gear.  But today it’s about the Association, and the Nelson & Taylor are BuZZed NBA power rankings.

1. Miami Heat     LeBron is out of his mind playing video game style and make the Heat just look more athletic than any other team could match and their D is getting back to form.

2. San Antonio Spurs     I’m already bored, but yeah, they’re good.

3. Oklahoma City     They got smoked by Miami and Durant did not look good most of the game but still match up great against everybody else, especially in the West.

4. Los Angeles Clippers     Healthy again with the best PG in the game, great front line, deep bench and most underrated coach.  Does anybody remember when CP3 punched that guy in the balls!?

5. Denver Nuggets     The Carmelo deal is working out great, a top tier PG and one of the great all time coaches but in the playoffs when the game slows down will hurt this team.

6. New York Knicks     Despite the apparent locker room issues I still like this teams veteran leadership and relatively suprising good play all year.

7. Indiana Pacers     The toughest team on this list and a difficult matchup for the Heat, if Granger doesn’t get traded and plays well when he comes back this team could make a deep run.

8. Golden State Warriors     I’m glad for Mr. Jackson, good for him, but this team is a year away.

9. Memphis Grizzlies     Trade Rudy Gay? Dumb.

10. Houston Rockets     A ton of action last off season and trading for Harden has this team playing well and they’re not even close to done with plenty of money to throw at free agents this summer.



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