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Buzzed NFL Power Rankings

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Week 2 (well, actually week 16) of the Buzzed Power Rankings.  The Texans and Broncos win, the Falcons dominate and the Pats-Niners was awesome, so what did we learn?  Not much actually, except we were all reassured that after the top 6 or 7 teams there is a significant drop off.  If a “hot” wildcard team makes a run to the super bowl this year, I will be shocked.  Are you really going to tell me the Redskins, Bears or Steelers can win in San Fran, Atlanta or New England this year?

Buzzed Power Rankings

1.  Patriots (10-4) —  basically a wash game against the 49ers, if anything the second half showed what this team is capable of

2.  49ers (10-3-1) Up 2, basically a wash game against the Pats, if anything the first half showed what this team is capable of

3.  Texans (12-2) Down 1, took care of business against Luck and Co., my AFC super bowl pick

4.  Broncos (11-3) Down 1, you don’t Know Shon

5.  Falcons (12-2) —  haters be silenced, shutout against the defending champs has this team back on track to beat San Fransisco in the NFC title game and then we are talking match ups with Houston

6.  Seahawks (9-5) Up 1,  back to back 50 spots?

7.  Packers (9-5) Down 1, wrapped up the division against the crashing Bears but what is still holding this offense down?

8.  Colts (9-5)  despite the loss I still like Luck and the grit of this team even more now

9.  Redskins (8-6)  another new addition to the top 10, their elite rushing attack with why-isn’t-he-getting-more-pub-as-rookie-of-the-year-Alfred-Morris hides all the injuries on defense

10.  Ravens (9-5) Down 1, two straight losses at home is alarming but they were to Washington (in OT) and Denver




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