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Nuclear Warfare, that’s Rediculous


Airport travel, gun control, NFL playoff scenarios, dinner with strangers and solar flares vs nuclear war highlight OUR FIRST PODCAST!  Check it out!

Nuclear Warfare, that’s Rediculous


One comment on “Nuclear Warfare, that’s Rediculous

  1. solar flairs are real…no one is going to blowup the world there is no money or power in that…Dec. 20th we will all realize we have been living in an alternate world that will just dissappear…always put your napkin on your lap you might spill something on your pants…we (USA) will NEVER understand the middle east because we don’t want to accept anyone or country that is different than we are…our society needs a lot of help on many levels before people stop killing each other with guns…stop bullying, stop thinking only of yourself, stop thinking youth is everything and if you’re not young you are not nothing…football is great if you mute the play by play you are smart enough to know what is going on without any help…I’m just saying

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